Number or a word?

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Dancing in the rains- a distant romantic dream

Its not romantic anymore

Waiting for a rickshaw when it pours dogs and cats.. fielding the mud-slinging..praying endlessly for a lift to my destination…and in comes a rik with a blow and whizzes past the puddle of water full of muck and all the wait ends in the splash on my dress totally redesigning it…all I say to self..its not romantic anymore…

Half-drenched I wait till the another one comes and runs past me lending a deaf ear…makes me feel in Rome…then many go and don’t stop by..ferrying many …but can’t envy them..because I didnt write their destinies..the self-talk intensifies…reflecting on the start and end of the universe and everything that falls in between.. all i say, its not romantic anymore…

Finally with a heavy heart I manage to stop a Rickshaw with a fair attitude and not a foul one and ask, “Bhai where on earth can you leave me..and to my surprise, he said, “Madam aapko jaana kahan hai?”

A moment of ecstasy..but can’t dance in these rains..its not romantic anymore..

Number or a word?

My old phone conked off….and the contact numbers vanished despite their safe storage due to an infected SD card …bought a brand new Samsung A5
lost over 500 contacts…1000 pics…several songs…and now my phone has only a few contacts( home n work )..friends on the WA group re-added me thankfully…
But I wondered, did my life change in absence of those contacts? It’s all normal than ever..
Then a thought crept in…don’t we carry the unnecessary baggage of numbers…crowding our memory as much as the phone’s…why can’t we make the best of the current numbers?
Friends who care to stay in my mobile in the form of a number…please send a business card and I will save it as it is.. instead of a context like an organisation name pre n post your name or for that matter a bus, train or an auto…I am okay if I don’t receive even a single…
Else we are best connected through the platforms like the one I am using…aren’t we?