Its my chance now-chill!

As the winters set in

A season when everything’s so pink. When the bright sun takes a short vacation and the winds whirl around. When the days are not too long and it gets dark sooner than you imagined. The cool breeze from nowhere hugs you tight early morning as you stroll around. Makes you wake up with a smile from the deep slumber. The sight of dancing leaves of the tree that stands by the window, the chirping of birds,  a row of festival lamps, the lantern, the bloom, brewing coffee, soft music and the increasing appetite for tempting hot yummy food.  It’s a time of the year when warm clothes, blankets pamper you to the tee and you love to get soaked in the early sun rays. So close to the bountiful nature, yet so warm. Serenity at its best. Wish it stayed always, but there’s heat to follow, then there are showers. Life’s not the same. Winters show however much you deny the goodness on earth. Nature has everything in it and offers a bit to offer for all on the earth. But it’s my chance now since its winters. Welcoming with open arms.