In my dream!

I  saw you this morning, in my dream
Even now, despite the eternal truth
My thoughts so strongly beam
And my heart sinks with the spurt
As I look at the sun, stars and sky
For only they know who you are and who am I
I see you smile and your face that glows  
And then your eyes that stop the show
Ocean of love, mushy and slow
Mark  the heart that beats for me, 
for all i know its not me, its thee
i wish i race the fate for you 
to feel your warmth that i am due
Then get cuddled and touched all over once again for long and forever 
Then pamper your smoothies so pure
I love the way you drew me in 
I wish to be very close till i win
But it’s  not the way as it seems  
For all I know its a dream..its a dream!2015-10-11 23.33.51


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